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Our Story

We hope you are proud of the experiences (and the wisdom) you have earned along your journey in life, as all of these work together to make us who we are - And that is truly something to celebrate! This does not mean however that we must accept tired skin and the many signs of aging that come with it. We plan to fight aging every step of the way. Won't you join us on this journey?


Nearly 30 years ago when I was in college, I was peddling lipstick and skincare as an independent representative for one of the largest beauty companies in the world. What immediately lured me to the opportunity was the chance to help others look and feel their best. Ten years later I found myself with yet another skincare giant. After working with them for several years I left the beauty industry to pursue other opportunities in manufacturing and retail.

A few years ago Diane Young, a family friend of many years, invited me to work with her. She had been in the beauty business for nearly four decades. She immediately took me under her wing and began to mentor me and teach me every aspect of the beauty and skincare industry that she could. After several years of working together she made the decision to retire.

During my time working with Diane Young Skincare I began to learn more about the ingredients my family and I consumed on a daily basis. I began to discover ways to heal my many ailments and discomforts, that for awhile I had almost begun to accept as just part of aging. The more I learned about food and nutrition and implemented simple yet consistent changes to my diet, the better I began to feel. The transformation was truly life-giving and almost overnight! 

I began to think that perhaps taking the same approach to studying the ingredients we put on our body's largest organ (our skin), would perhaps have the same affect on not only how I looked as I was quickly approaching my 50's - but more importantly, how I felt physically and my overall health. As I began the journey of studying and learning I began to also realize how important it was to take my family on this journey with me!


Our two tween girls at the time L. Arden and H. Layne were becoming increasingly interested in skincare, haircare and makeup. Every time they would accompany me to a store and find a product they were interested in (and tried to talk Mom into purchasing), the more alarmed I became at how unhealthy many of the products are that are marketed to our children, teens, and young adults. It was at this time that our family's mission began to take root. Every time they brought a product to me while we were on the beauty aisle the first thing I did was flip it over to investigate where it was made and what the ingredients were inside the package. I quickly began to realize that there were not enough options in the marketplace for what we felt was truly needed to care for the skin of the young people we love! Even more concerning to us is the way many brands are marketing their products to our young people.

We are SO very proud to be entering into our third year in business and continue to receive rave reviews from our clients thanking us for our commitment to developing products that are (and will always be) FREE of Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Petrolatum and Mineral Oil (Just to name a few).


It was not long ago that we launched our teen skincare line, SHINE! The name for this line was inspired by one of our family's favorite music artists. We want tweens, teens and young adults to learn to care for their bodies with botanically-derived products that help them to be healthy and confident as they go out into the world to let their Lights SHINE Bright!


I am so thankful for all of the encouragement of Diane Young and my close friends and family over the years, as it gave me the courage to finally take the leap of faith to develop my own brand. It has truly been a labor of love and it is my sincere goal to create products that help each of our clients feel both confident and beautiful!


Thank you for visiting us today. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve you and look forward earning your business and your trust.

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Bobbie McCurdy - Founder

Organizations we have had the privilege of supporting thus far:

Diamond Oaks Ladies Charity Golf Tournament Benefitting:

Cornerstone Assistance Network

Fort Worth Brahmas Youth Hockey

Fort Worth KLIFE

Overton Park Elementary

PMR Charity

Sky Ranch

Trinity Valley School

As our business grows we hope to be able to support many 

more important and life-giving causes we believe in and love!

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